Our professionally trained providers offer empirically supported treatment services in the comfort of an outpatient office setting. We provide individual out-patient mental health therapy services, in addition, we frequently collaborate with community professionals to ensure personalized comprehensive treatment for all of our patients.


Assessment and Treatment Planning:

We provide individualized assessments for all new patients, taking into consideration your:

  • current concerns
  • severity of symptoms
  • environmental, social, and spiritual factors
  • medical and genetic history
  • history of mental health symptoms and/or substance use and treatment
  • childhood experience and family of origin
  • current support system and coping mechanisms
  • treatment motivation and personal goals

Individual assessment will occur during the first session and will lay the framework for future services. In some cases, a referral for additional services may be necessary and we will work with you to make appropriate referrals.


Individual Counseling:

Individual counseling is a safe and confidential place for you to talk about your concerns and learn new coping skills. We utilize evidence based practices, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational enhancement therapy, based on your identified needs and concerns. Individual sessions typically last 50 minutes. We will partner with you to determine the frequency and duration of individual counseling services.


Group Counseling:

Group counseling is beneficial for many clinical conditions and may be offered by your provider, as a component of your individualized treatment plan. Interacting with others who have similar experiences and concerns can be helpful for many reasons, including reducing isolation and helping individuals and families recognize they are not alone when facing challenges. Supportive group members can hear your story in a more objective manner and help to broaden your perspective and become more self-aware. Participating in a group may help propel you forward- as you witness other group members overcome their challenges, you may also gain momentum. Groups also promote social engagement and provide a safe space to practice new social skills. In addition, group counseling may be less costly than individual counseling services.